9 April 2011


Stylistics is an experimental jQuery plugin designed to make it simpler to use ligatures, dipthongs and other font features.

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29 March 2011

Ubuntu Server 10.04 on VirtualBox OSE

VirtualBox OSE is the popular open-source edition of the VirtualBox virtualization software, which allows an unmodified operating system and all of its software to run on top of your existing operating system. Ubuntu Server 10.04, known by the nickname “Lucid Lynx”, is a Debian based operating system based on the Linux 2.6.32 kernel. Together, they provide a powerful environment in which to run and test server software. This guide gives a quick, no-frills overview of how to get the two up and running on your Ubuntu Desktop (or with a few minor tweaks, Windows, OS X or Solaris).

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16 May 2010

29 March 2011

Accessible JQuery Toggles

The JQuery toolkit simplifies many of the more tedious aspects of client-side scripting, but it’s easy to overlook some of the accessibility issues that can arise. Although this article deals with the JQuery API .toggle() method, many of the points raised apply equally well to other JQuery methods.

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2 August 2009

29 March 2011

HTC Touch Pro2—another 48 hours

After another 48 hours with this phone, I thought I should write an update. So here it is.

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30 July 2009

29 March 2011

HTC Touch Pro2

The Internet is awash with reviews of smart phones, but most focus too much on the shiny bells and whistles, and not enough on real functionality. In this review, I discuss my first experiences with the HTC Touch Pro2 smart phone, and get down to the really important details.

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10 February 2009

Port-based Apache virtual hosts

This article describes a simple method for granting public access to private Apache web server virtual hosts, without the need for public DNS records.

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