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The Flat White

Definition The exact definition of a flat white varies, but it has a number of characteristics that are generally agreed upon. Here’s my take on a flat white: A double espresso (15 grams of beans to 30 grams espresso). About 100 grams to 120 grams of milk. The milk should be steamed to produce a finely textured microfoam which is glossy, velvety, and slightly sweet. Milk for a flat white must not be frothy. [Read More]

The Espresso Guide

Introduction This is my guide to getting started with an espresso machine and a grinder: it’s the way that I have learned to do things, and which gives me consistent and delicious shots of espresso. I’m not an expert. I’m not a barista. I’m just a guy that likes coffee, and tinkering. Equipment Here’s what you’ll need: An espresso machine A grinder Coffee beans (lots) Digital scales (reasonably accurate, and precise to within 0. [Read More]